Want ChargeBolt?


Why ChargeBolt?

Happy customers,happy staff

Gone are the days of charging phones behind the till alongside the issues which come with it.

Drive traffic through your doors

It’s that simple, customers see your business as a location with ChargeBolt, they’ll come and you’ll benefit from the consequent sales and brand awareness.

Free marketing

Get free marketing on our app, integrated into Google Maps & Citymapper with links to your website.

Easy to operate

Our team will come to ensure ChargeBolt is installed safely. We have 24/7 live chat in our app if a customer has a question.

Cooperation guarantee

Speak to one of our team members at any time. All we ask is if you let us know of any issues so we can solve them quickly.


Our products have been approved by the likes of Apple and we’ve obtained highest certifications for safety availible in the EU.