Keep Going, Stay Connected

Low battery? Why be tied down to one location? Charge on the go with ChargeBolt!

What’s the deal?

We provide ChargeBolt stations across the UK and UAE at no cost whatsoever to your business. Simply put, they improve customer experience and drive traffic through your doors.

You can find us in coffee shops, bars, theatres, universities, restaurants, cultural centres, gyms, transport hubs, salons - essentially, anywhere convenient to pick up or return a charger.

So how does it work?

ChargeBolt™ revolutionises how you’ll charge your phone forever. When you’re low on battery and you’re out & about, ChargeBolt™ lets you charge on the go - there are three simple steps:

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code on the mothership and confirm your payment to start the rental.

Keep Going, Stay Connected

Press the side power button to start charging!

Return the charger

Once you’ve used the charger it can be returned at any ChargeBolt™ location across the city! Please ensure the light comes on once you’ve slid the charger back in, otherwise the return is not complete.

Easy & Secure Payment

Our easy to use app allows you to get directions to locations with ChargeBolt™ through collaboration with Google Maps & Citymapper. If you have any problems you can reach us with our live chat enabled within the app to guide you through